Projekt realizowany przez:

Fundację Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku

Projekt realizowany jest
dzięki dotacji
Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i

a także wsparciu finansowemu:

Fundacji im. Stefana Batorego

Prezydenta Miasta Białegostoku

Urzędu Marszałkowskiego
Województwa Podlaskiego

we współpracy z:

Uniwersytetem w Białymstoku

Instytutem Socjologii UwB

Instytutem Historii UwB

Muzeum Historycznym
w Białymstoku

Archiwum Państwowym
w Białymstoku

Klubem Przewodników Turystycznych
przy regionalnym PTTK

Żydowskie Motywy

Akademickim Klubem

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Jewish Heritage Trail in Bialystok

The project Jewish Heritage Trail in Bialystok has been implemented as an independent social initiative by a group of students and doctorate candidates, volunteers at The University of Bialystok Foundation, having professor Jerzy Nikitorowicz, the Rector of the university, and professor Andrzej Sadowski, the Dean of The Faculty of History and Sociology as its patrons of honour.

The project is aimed at: presenting the history of Bialystok Jews and Polish-Jewish relations in Bialystok in the years 1658-1939 (1945), describing historical sites connected with Bialystok Jews and placing informative signs there, showing Jews as a part of the multinational pre-war Polish society, popularising some elements of Jewish culture and tradition, weakening mutual Polish and Jewish stereotypes, and engaging the local community in various activities within the project framework.

The target groups of the project are: university and high-school students, Bialystok dwellers, descendants of Bialystok Jews, participants of international exchange programmes (including Israeli), and tourists.

In the project framework we have included: planning the trail, publicizing an informative booklet and map in printed and electronic version, building an interactive website of the project -, marking the trail sites and opening the trail to the public with a walk around the city, publicizing teacher's materials. Along with these activities we have been promoting the idea and effects of the project through accompanying educational and artistic events, such as: film screenings, performances, lectures, workshops, seminars, exhibits, trips, city games, etc..

We have invited a number of local organizations and institutions to cooperation on the project (in alphabetical order): Academic Tourist and Traveller Club, "Estuary" Association, Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, Historical Museum - The Division of Podlaskie Museum in Bialystok, "Jewish Motifs" Association, Sociology of Education Student Club, The Association of Friends of Jewish Culture, The State Archive in Bialystok, Tourist Guide Club by the Regional Division of PTTK in Bialystok, The University of Bialystok and The Faculty of History and Sociology. We have also enlisted the engagement of: "Judaica" Club at The 1st General Secondary School in Bialystok, "Memory" Club from the 6th General Secondary School in Bialystok, as well as Historical Club from The Public Gymnasium no. 8 in Bialystok, and Tourist and Traveller Club from Waclaw Rabczynski Gymnasium in Wasilkow (participants of "To Bring Memory Back" programme).

The project has been realized due to a grant from The Minister of Interior and Administration, and has been co-financed by Stefan Batory Foundation, The City Mayor of Bialystok, and Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshal's Office in Bialystok.

We believe that in the long run the initiative we have undertaken will not only add to common knowledge of the history of Bialystok Jews and elements of Jewish culture and tradition, but also build up consciousness of the multinational heritage of Bialystok, interest in the local history, and respect towards other cultures and traditions.

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